We are here for you.  We can help your team continue to grow their client relationships while they work from home or in isolation.  See our E-Classroom Seminar topics listed below.  


The meeting is an encrypted, private, and invitation-only meeting that is password protected.


Each of you will receive a login to register and participate in the training.  Each attendee will need a computer, as you will be participating individually AND in group discussions.  We are able to combine a live presentation, screen views, chat and open questions, with pod activities.  You’ll be moved into a group pod room, where you will interact with your peers, answer questions, and formulate your recommendations to the big group, just like an in-person seminar.



We had our first online session with Jennie yesterday on our Frontline Supervisor Series, and it was FANTASTIC!!  It is my first time working this way and I can say it was as if I was right in the classroom.  


Jennie uses a camera that shows the entire interaction she has with the white board, flip charts, and PPT.  She has her business partner running the chat menu and unmute/mute mics so bankers can speak/talk.  I could see bankers were talking in the group chat and all of them were saying what a great experience it was and they really were enjoying it. 

I would definitely say give it a try as you won’t be disappointed!!

Click the underlined Seminars for more information!


9/24   9AM-4PM ET   Bank Manager in the NOW Economy Day 1


9/25.  9AM-12PM ET  Bank Manager in the NOW Economy Day 2


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