For the Business Owner:

  • Creating the New Retail Experience

  • Presentation and Persuading Skills for the Win

  • Finding Funds for Your Business Other Than Loans

  • Creating a Sales Process for Your Business

  • Negotiation Tips for Small Businesses

  • Leadership Lessons from Successful Small Business Owners

  • Tips to Manage Your Own Time as a Small Business

  • Ways to Successfully Network with Other Small Businesses

  • Keys to Delegating as a Small Business Owner

  • Train Your Staff to Listen for Opportunities

  • Sales Management and Accountability


  • Designing Your Overall Sales Strategy

  • Reworking Your Digital Sales Strategy and Tactics

  • Turning Appointments into Sales

  • Digital and In-Person Power Prospecting

  • Cross-Selling:  Increasing Sales with Your Existing Customers

  • Selling to Women

  • 50 Fast Sales Tips

  • 10 Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople

  • Digital Sales Calls


  • Sensible and Inexpensive MarTech (Marketing Technology)

  • Perfect Pricing

  • Generational Sales and Marketing

  • Keeping Tabs on the Competition – Competitive Analysis for the Small Business

  • Getting Noticed in an Over-Crowded Market

Customer Service:

  • Adding Sales to All Phases of the Customer Interaction

  • Onboarding:  What Happens for the Customer Post-Purchase

  • Tips to Help Your Small Business Stand Out in Customer Service