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Elizabeth Bickel's Post on LinkedIn -- VP Retail Operations Manager at Westfield Bank OH

Stealing a phrase out of Brittany Hodak 's playbook -( she's awesome - check her out)  And writing a post to say that I am a Superfan of Jennie Sobecki
I did Jennie's Branch Manager Bootcamp several years ago now.  And looking back - It's amazing how that helped me develop and grow. Jennie has such a fabulous positive personality - and she sprinkles that positive fairy dust everywhere she goes.  Following her game plan and putting a little bit more structure to my life, really made a difference for me and made me fall in love with my job again.  #graditude #superfan


Julie Kiplinger - Ohio Bankers League


"We had our first online session with Jennie yesterday on our Frontline Supervisor Series, and it was FANTASTIC!!  It is my first time working this way and I can say it was as if I was right in the classroom.  


Jennie uses a camera that shows the entire interaction she has with the white board, flip charts, and PPT.  She has her business partner running the chat menu and unmute/mute mics so bankers can speak/talk.  I could see bankers were talking in the group chat and all of them were saying what a great experience it was and they really were enjoying it. 

I would definitely say give it a try as you won’t be disappointed!!"


John Wilkening - Chief Retail Officer of Notre Dame Federal Credit Union & Executive Director of Shamrock Insurance Agency (IN)

"Jennie Sobecki's visit to the MSA team at The Notre Dame Federal Credit Union was a culture changing event. The results will be long lasting. The insight and energy she brought was incredible. The employees all said it was the best training they've ever received. We consider with great excitement Focused Results a long-term partner."

Don Cates – President and CEO at Three Rivers Federal Credit Union (IN)

"We have worked with Jennie for the past year and she has taken the fear out of the word sales. First by breaking the process up over 3 sessions building on each other. She also helped our team recognize it is simply listening and referring to make our member's dreams come, and truly help with them with their money matters."



David Coffey - President and CEO at Mutual Savings Bank (IN)

“We were looking to implement a program to reinforce our commitment to service excellence with the help of an outside firm to conduct training sessions. We connected with Focused Results. Their team listened to our objective and quickly provided the structure that helped us accomplish our objective. When we decided to take the next step and implement a service oriented sales culture, Focused Results helped by developing a program that was unique to our bank culture. A few key ingredients that made our work with Focused Results a success."



Greg Hartz – Regional Commercial Banking Manager at MutualBank (IN)

“I have hired Duane and Jennie and their company at the last two banks I have worked for and I would highly recommend using their company. Through the use of their company, our bank staffs have cross-sold more products because they have been trained to look for cues and how to handle objections. Also, our loan officers have been able to make more effective sales calls to both existing and potential customers.”



Jack Imes – Chief Lending Officer at Honda Federal Credit Union (OH)

“Jennie Sobecki and I worked together at Peoples Bank in Indianapolis for several years. Her Enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for training and driving results to the bottom line are unmatched. Her willingness to dig deep into situations to find ways to improve is what makes Jennie tick. It’s what motivates and drives her. Her work ethic is contagious. I would highly recommend Jennie to consult for my company.”


We are the sales & service training & coaching company of choice for banks and credit unions in the United States.  We accomplish this with high quality information and tools dedicated to help our clients make more money.

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